Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a silent retreat?

Behold retreats seek to provide a harmonious atmosphere, balanced between times of silence, prayer, talks, and fellowship. Therefore, while there will be extended times of silence included, community is also an essential part of the Behold experience.

Who can attend Behold?

All women ages 18-35 are invited: married, single, engaged - all are welcome!

We only ask that you come with an open heart, desiring to be filled with God's grace in prayer and fellowship.

While Behold is a Catholic retreat, offered by the Schoenstatt Young Women under the guidance of the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary, women of all faith backgrounds are welcome as long as all participants come with openness and respect for the Catholic faith and its teachings.

Is Behold a one-time deal? If I miss the retreat, is there any other way I can find out more?

If God allows it, Behold can become your new annual retreat option! Each year will center on a new but equally applicable topic for your spiritual journey. For those who are interested, there are also options for small groups and other events/programming throughout the year. Just let us know if you are unable to attend the retreat but interested in more information.

What is Schoenstatt? Do I have to be in Schoenstatt to attend the retreat?

Schoenstatt is an international Catholic lay apostolic movement, founded in 1914 in Germany.

Behold is a retreat sponsored by the Schoenstatt Young Women’s branch and takes place at the Schoenstatt Retreat Centers in Waukesha, Wisconsin and Rockport, Texas, but is for any woman interested in growing in her love of God in a faith-filled community. Anyone and everyone is welcome to attend!

What forms of payment do you accept?

We take Venmo, PayPal, checks, and cash. We do ask for a non-refundable $50 deposit. The balance may be paid at the same time or upon arriving at the retreat.

Is there financial aid available?

We do not want money coming in the way of anyone attending the retreat! We will be happy to work out partial or full financial aid packages for those in need. Please include this request in your registration form.

As a non-profit, we survive on generous donations from friends and benefactors. Therefore, if you or someone you know is capable of contributing towards our expenses and/or financial aid funds, we appreciate any contribution! Thank you!

Is childcare available?

Unfortunately, at this time, we are unable to provide childcare. Small babies are allowed, if they can be kept with their mothers.

Do you have any other available programs besides Behold?

YES! Although not directly connected with the Behold Retreats, another valuable summer experience for young women is the Time Off program. This FREE two-week period offers a combination of volunteering, spiritual formation, personal and communal prayer times, and an opportunity to relax together with other women growing in love for God and interested in discovering their God-given mission and purpose in life. The program is guided by the Schoenstatt Sisters of Mary and takes place at the retreat center in Wisconsin. Visit the website for more information!

What is the best way to prepare for the retreat?

Ask Our Lady to help implore the Holy Spirit for you and for all our retreatants, so that Behold 2024 may be a meaningful experience for everyone involved.

Open your heart and bring to mind your own personal hopes, desires, needs and longings for the retreat.

Together let's ask Mary to open wide her heart and the heart of her Son, so that in getting to know their hearts, we may be prepared to have a deeper understanding of and joy in saying, as a child of the Father: