It's coming.

And it's growing.

It's time to BEHOLD!

To a retreat for all women ages 18-35, married and single.

A chance to get away, to look upwards, to look within, and to share with other women with similar longings.

You're invited.

What is authentic womanhood nowadays?

What a confusing question in our modern world. This year's Behold retreat invites us to contemplate the greatness and the potential of an authentic woman today.

What has he made me to give and to be for the world—in my studies, my profession, my family? Where can I find a point of reference and a motivation to live my personal mission as a Catholic woman today?

We find our deepest identity in the heart of the heavenly Father, made fruitful given in selflessly caring love for those around us, crowned by truth and beauty. How can we make this our own possession? Come, discover and rejoice with us:

Behold -

I am His delight!

We invite you to come discover and Behold!

A weekend in the shadow of a Marian Shrine, with prayer, reflection, and solid fellowship with a community of like-minded Catholic women!

What are you waiting for?

We will have holy Mass, talks, adoration, activities, time for silent prayer, and the opportunity to form new Christ-centered friendships.

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